Gesipa Rivet Guns

 Gesipa Rivet Guns. Made in Germany!

Aerobolt has an extensive range of Gesipa rivet guns, this includes, Powerbird & the Accubird Cordless range of battery guns. In addition to the Gesipa cordless battery rivet guns, we offer the Taurus range of air rivet guns. Founded in 1955 Gesipa® is a leading manufacturer of rivet guns with six production sites worldwide and 700 employees. 

Powerbird® & Accubird ® cordless battery rivet guns 

High quality Powerbird® & Accubird®  cordless rivet guns are renowned for their reliability, featuring a DC brush-less motor, long life batteries, low wear jaws, and so much more in a sturdy carry case with batteries, charger and nose tips. The latest cordless gun from Gesipa® the inventors of cordless technology. 

Cordless rivet gun key features 

  • Renowned low wear jaws system  
  • Brush-less motor -they work harder & live longer
  • Non-sparking for safe working environments
  • Well balanced, toughened plastic body 
  • Comes with carry case, batteries and so much more

Taurus® air rivet guns, high volume production tools. 

The Taurus® range of tools are powerful, lightweight and virtually maintenance free. A high performance tool with endless features, including: speedy installations, vacuum mandrel collection, and a low wear jaws system that is powered by air rather than springs.

Taurus® air rivet gun features

  • High quality. Made in German. 
  • Speedy installations + low wear jaws 
  • Fast work cycle with a high setting force
  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Rubber molded grip handle & more