Huck Blind Rivets


Huck Rivets, the original vibration resistant structural rivet.

Aerobolt has the complete Huck's rivet range including the original body expanding multi-grip rivet "Magna-Lok", the Huck "Magna-Bulb" with its superior strength and the hybrid "Huckloc" which combines key features of both the Magna-Lok and Magna Bulb.  

Huck rivets are ideal when seeking a permanent joining solution in applications where vibration is an issue, due to their superior strength, in fact, rivet testing lab. results indicate Huck rivets outlasted the competition by almost 20 to 1. Huck rivets are engineered with an internal locking system that mechanically interlocks the pin into the sleeve during installation, whilst embracing the material - how clever is that?

Here we list below an overview of the 3 main Huck rivets however there is a comprehensive selection at  structural rivets  or contact us for further information.

    Huck Rivet "Magna-Lok"

    Huck Rivet Magna-Lok  is a high performing body expanding locking rivet with extended material grip range, along with Huck's unique 360 degrees internal locking mechanism ensuring great resistance to vibration and moisture. 

    Huck Rivet "Magna-Bulb" (MB)  

    Huck Blind Rivet (MB) are renowned for their excellent shear & tensile strength among most other structural rivets on the market. When installed they produce a wide blind side footprint designed to spread the load, this is ideal in thin sheet fabrication. 

     Huck Rivet "Huckloc" 

    Huck Rivet Huckloc is a double locking wide-grip range locking rivet, combining the extended grip range of the original Huck Magna-Lok and the strength of the Huck MB rivet has resulted in a rivet like no other, a rivet that locks material from both sides with excellent shear and pull-up force.