Huck Air Gun 10224 for Huck Bolts & Structural Rivets - DIA. 4.8 mm (3/16') & 6.4 mm (1/4')* (Gun Only)

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Huck air gun for Huck bolts & Structural rivets 4.8 & 6.4 mm (3/16 & 1/4).

The HG-10224 is the workhorse of Huck guns, this solid aluminium alloy tool makes this a versatile tools that can install both Huck Bolts and Structural rivets with the simple change over of a nose assembly (priced separately).

The HG-10224 is suitable for both truck fabrication workshops and smash repair operations. Built tough to stand up to the most rigorous working conditions. 

Huck air gun features.

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Product Code: HG-10224

$1,557.00 Ex GST

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