Huck Rivet Magnalok Nose ML 4.8 mm (3/16)

Brands you know and trust - Huck

Huck nose assemblies for Huck structural rivet ? 4.8 mm (3/16').

One of the key features of Huck guns is their flexibility with the installation of both Huck bolt's pin & collar and Huck structural rivets with the changeover of the nose assembly. Here at Aerobolt we can help with matching tool, nose assembly and Huck fasteners along with a demo. 

Huck guns can install a number of of fastener types making them highly versatile. Nose selection can be complex as there are a number of determining factors including Huck fastener type, Huck tooling, power source and fastener diameter. Check the Nose Assembly Page. 



Product Code: 99-06HRVT

$717.75 Incl. GST

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