A self-countersinking floor Huck rivet

Huck Floor-tite rivets are ideal for timber or steel truck flooring applications. Floor-tite self-countersinking head eliminates the secondary counter boring process in plywood and the dimpling in metals.

Unlike screws that can be over or under torqued, Floor tites ensures consistent, reliable installation every time.

East to install...  High Strength... Save time...

A unique mechanical locking rivet designed by Huck for the fastening of commercial truck floors, either timber or steel.

Huck rivet floortite features.

  • self countersinking ideal for flooring.
  • One man - one sided installation
  • Superior strength over flooring screws
  • Removable, allowing access under floor
  • Watertight – prevents water into panels

Huck rivet floor-tites applications

  • Commercial vehicle body building and applications where flooring needs to be securely fastened
  • Industrial flooring

Huck gun for Huck rivets floor-tites : Air/Pneumatic HG-256 Hydraulic HG-2503

Huck Rivet Floor Tites Drill Size: 8.5 mm