Structural Rivets

Structural rivets are designed to provide a permanent solution.

Structural rivets experts beginning with Huck Magna-Lok rivet, & Allok Structural rivets, through to High Strength rivets, Orlock®, & Bulb-Tite®. Ideal when seeking a strong vibration resistant solution & used in heavy duty applications such as the fabrication of utility vehicles, utes, trucks, trains, truck trailers & security fencing with a special structural rivet gun. Check out the structural rivet blog.

Huck Rivets Magna-Lok®

Huck Rivet Magna-Lok

Allok Rivets


Bulb-tite Rivets

Hucklok Rivet

Huck Rivet MB

Magna-Bulb Rivet

High Strength Rivet

High Strength Rivets


Huck-Tite Rivet

Huck BOM Rivet

Huck BOM Rivets

Huck Floortight Rivet

Huck Floortite Rivet

Structural Rivets Mono

Tri-Bulb Rivets

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