Nutserts & Inserts

Nutserts, Rivnut & Rivet Nut Experts.  

Nutserts are fundamentally a tube with an internal thread that attaches onto a surface for bolting purposes, where a simple hole opening is not possible because the material is too thin. Australia's #1 range from popular Nutsert "Xtralok®" for extra grip through to Hex Nutserts, Rivnuts, and PlusNuts. Wide range of air and cordless nutsert rivnut guns. New to nutserts? Check out the nutsert blog.

Nutsert Xtralok

Nutsert Xtralok

Hex Nutserts

Hex Nutserts

Rivnuts & Rivet Nuts

Smooth Body Rivnuts

Plus Nut Threaded Inserts

PlusNut Inserts

Threaded Studs

Jack Nuts

Well Nuts

Inserts For Plastic

Rivet Nuts

Rivet Nuts AVK

Weld Nut

Weld Nut

Inserts For Wood

Nutsert Xtralok Kit