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Structural Rivets, Nutserts, Rivnuts, Rivet Nuts, Huck Bolts, Structural Adhesives, Sealants, Silicones, Furniture Hardware, and Industrial Fastening Tools, including Huck Guns,  Nutsert Guns, Sealant Tools + Rivets Guns. Your one stop shop covering industrial supplies, tool rental & repairs through to lab testing services.   

Huck Bolts

Structural Rivets, Huck Rivets, & Orlock Rivets

Structural Rivets

Nutserts, Rivnuts & Rivet Nuts.

Nutserts & Inserts


Rivets Standard

Adhesives & Silicones

Furniture Hardware

Huck Gun

Huck Guns

Rivet Guns

Rivet Guns

Nutsert Tools

Nutsert Tools

Plastic Packers & Shims

Caulking Guns

Caulking Guns

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