How Huck Bolts Work

Huck Bolts - How They Work

Everything you need to know about how Huck works. 

Huck bolts work differently to threaded bolt & nut, as they are installed via an industrial tool that provides a permanent solution. This makes them ideal when seeking a vibration resistant fastener. Huck bolts are fundamentally a two-piece grooved pin and collar combo where the collar sits over the pin and is compressed into the grooves of the pin via a designated tool. The tool presses the softer material collar into the pin making the two-piece combo an integrated one-piece entity.


Huck bolts fasteners consist of two pieces: a grooved bolt and a collar. Place the Huck bolt pin in a pre-drilled hole. The pin diameter should match the hole size for a snug fit that prevents lateral movement that could weaken the joint.

Place the Huck bolt collar on the opposite side of the pinhead. The collar sits over the pin and will form a strong, lasting joint when the collar is swaged (compressed) into the grooves of the pin via a Huck gun, the tool presses the softer material collar into the pin making the two-pieces into a one-piece combo.  

In the initial stages of the installation process, the Huck gun engages & pulls on the pin, whilst the nose assembly is forced down the collar. Progressively the tool, compresses the collar into the grooves of the harder steel pin. The pin and swaged collar are now combined  to maximise metal-on-metal contact so, unlike a nut and bolt, it cannot work loose. The tensile strength of the Huck bolt is dictated by the number of grooves that are filled. Check out the benefits of Huck Bolts here.

How Huck Bolts Work.


Huck rivets are a one-piece fastener that works differently to a two-piece HuckBolt. Huck Bolts requires access to both sides of the material, whilst a Huck rivet requires only one side access. This saves installation time. Huck structural rivets have an internal mechanism that locks a portion of the pin (mandrel) inside the rivet's body. This creates an additional layer of material that assists in increasing the rivets strength and makes them different to general purpose rivets.  


Installation of  a Huck rivet is similar to a standard rivet, however you will require a Huck gun or a structural rivet gun, as a standard rivet gun is not equipped with the correct jaws to install structural rivets on a continuous basis. To install a structural rivet, pre drilling of holes is required. Load rivet’s pin tail section into rivet gun. Insert rivets body into hole and activate gun. Upon activation the head of the rivet is pushed against the nose of the tool, whilst the tool pulls up the central pin. As a result, the body compresses, and expands on the blind side until it maxes out to approximately one and a half times the size of the original diameter. Resulting in a larger surface in which the two materials are effectively fastened together. Check out the Huck Structural Rivet Blog.


How to install a Huck Rivet


How Huck Bolts and Huck Rivets Works Summary. 

Huck Bolt and Huck rivets are used in the fabrication of truck, truck trailers, ute trays, ute canopy bodies, emergency vehicles and numerous other steel fabrication applications where a vibration resistance fastener is critical to the application. At the conclusion of this blog, it is evident that Huck plays an important part of the fastener world and irrespective of the Huck fastener needed for your project, be assured that your project will end up as a successful one with the use of Huck - call us on 02 9755 3747 or contact us for guidance.


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