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Wide range of rivets from general rivets through to strong structural rivets including the popular Huck rivet. Thinking rivets? Make Aerobolt® your one stop shop for rivet supplies with brands you know and trust, award winning service, rivet know-how, rivet test lab services, value, and so much more. Read the article with Riley the rivet lad; Ultimate Guide to Rivets. 


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Rivet Articles

  • How Bulb-Tite Rivets Work

    Bulb-Tites rivets are a high performing fastener that differ from other structural rivet types due to their load spreading tri-star anchor and EPDM washer; providing a weather & vibration resistant seal with a large blind side bearing area...

    • Structural Rivets in Construction

      Construction plays a vital role in the steel industry, accounting for over 50% of global steel demand. To ensure resilience and strength in a diverse range of structures, be it your home, hospitals, schools, or even a skyscraper ...

    • Huck rivets & the 5 different types

      In this article, we provide the definitive guide to the Huck range of structural rivets. Delving into their key features and explaining their differences. The wide range may seem like you are spoilt for choice, however you will find the opposite is true ...