LockBolt, Rivnut, & Rivet Test Lab Services.

We are committed to offering outstanding support by providing lock bolts, rivet, rivnut and sealant testing services in conjunction with a NATA (National Association of Testing Authority) accredited testing laboratory. We aim for a total supply solution with an award-winning customer service focus, your one-stop shop for technical know-how, supply of goods & tool hires through to the servicing of your equipment.

Part of our 100% dedication to customer service is solving application issues when things go wrong, we are here to help. 

Our technical service representatives are available to assist most of our customers with the technical know plus the scientific testing when required for critical application or when something goes wrong. From a rivet that is not clamping the material to a nutsert that is not pulling up evenly through to a sealant that is not bonding to a panel. We can help determine the issue with mechanical performance data and laboratory testing services to problem-solve even the most challenging application.

See our latest rivet nut guide covering common installation issues and so much more. Simply contact us for your nutserts, rivnuts, rivet nuts, rivets, lock bolt and adhesive issues.