Adjustable Levelling Feet Simplified

Adjustable Feet Simplified

How do adjustable levelling feet work?

Leveling feet have 101 uses from stabilising mighty CNC machines to fixing the wobbly kitchen table. They are an essential item because most floors are not truly level. They work by simply being a threaded shaft (stud) with a perpendicular base that acts like a foot, the stud bolts into a threaded tube insert  and can be lengthened or shortened independently of each other until the item they are attached to is level. Turning the leveling foot clockwise shortens it, whilst turning it counterclockwise lengthens it. This is how levelling feet work. Adjustable feet are a useful component with endless different style and size options to select depending on your application from the all steel Titan Series through to the popular steel & plastic Dome Range. Also known as adjustable furniture feet, furniture legs, chair glides, adjustable glides or leveling pads; they are a handy item that makes life a little easier by letting you control the height of objects on uneven floors, whilst ensuring the item is off the floor. In this blog you will find an overview of levelling feet including key considerations for selecting the right component for your application and its matching mate the threaded tube inserts.

How do you select adjustable levelling feet?

Not all leveling feet are the same. It is important to consider the application and select accordingly. Consider: Size, Material, Load capacity, Swiveling or Stationary Base, and Vibration.


There are a few different options here. Larger items require a larger thread diameter with a wider base. The Dome Series adjustable feet (see picture on right) is a versatile choice because it comes in a wide range of stub diameters and lengths, along with a range of base diameters.

Dome Series N1500 adjustable feet


There are a few different options here from the all steel Titan Series  (see picture on left), to the all plastic Push Glides. Most levelling adjustable feet are the typical combo of steel or stainless threaded stud and polypropylene base like the Atlas Series, or the Compact Range or the versatile Truss Series Family. Here at Aerobolt, we have the wide range of styles and sizes and there is bound to be one that suits you.

Load Capacity.

The most important consideration is the base size and material. The base of the leveling mount can be plastic for lighter loads, or metal such as steel, zinc, or stainless steel for medium to heavy loads. Thread diameter and length can also provide a guide with the small diameters like the M4 or M5 for lighter loads whilst the M8 or M10 for heavier load. Other factors influencing the load capacity include: the distance from base of the foot and the amount of levelling feet used. The broad truss may suit larger furniture items whilst the Carona is more suitable for lighter items like small bathroom vanities. See the table below for a rough guide on load capacities. 

Base Diameter (mm) Thread Weight (kg)
30 M8 400
30 M10 500
38 M8 400
38 M10 550
38 M12 600
48 M8 400
48 M10 550
48 M12 600
58 M10 500
58 M12 600

Note that the above table is a general guide only and that specific testing for your application is recommended. Other considerations include swiveling or stationary base and vibration resistance. Our range is predominately stationary however should your application require a swivel or a vibration-resistant option, please contact us.

How do you measure adjustable levelling feet?

Outlined below are the important parts to consider when measuring your adjustable furniture or table feet.

1. Base Diameter: The Base Diameter is essential for stabilising and supporting the weight of the object. The larger the base, the better the level of stabilisation. To find the base diameter of the foot, you should measure the size across the base as labelled in the diagram.

2. Thread Length: Thread Length is important for the height adjustment and installation of feet. A longer thread will provide more upwards height than a shorter one. The thread length of an adjustable foot is often the distance between the stud and bolt. The stud is the part labelled "thread size". The bolt is the section where the thread joins the base.

3. Thread Size: Thread size is a key factor for supporting the weight of an object. It is also important for thread compatibility, as the thread must match the type that it is being screwed into. To find the metric thread size of a foot, you should start by measuring the diameter across the thread. This can be done by putting the ruler against the stud of the adjustable foot and taking the measurement in millimeters.

How To Measure Adjustable Feet

What are Tube Threaded Inserts?

Tube threaded insert or threaded tube ends are the female component of an adjustable levelling foot and can be found in numerous items including  appliances, conveyor systems, equipment, and furniture items that need to be level and off the floor. This makes the threaded tube insert and the adjustable levelling foot a two-piece combo. The tube threaded insert provides the internal thread (female component) that allows the adjustable foot's stud (male component) to screw into place, whilst still having the ability to be lengthened or shortened. Clever Huh! Huck Aerobolt have a wide range of threaded inserts for tubing, from all plastic polypropylene to all steel, and a combo of steel and plastic.

Threaded Tube Ends - Plastic Body.

Nylon or Polypropylene Threaded Inserts are typically one-piece injection molded part with an internal thread, sometimes the internal thread can be steel. These are designed to be press fit into a tube end to provide a female threaded opening for an adjustable foot. Available in a range of shapes including round, square or rectangle, these are designed for light duty applications. There are two options here from the smooth shank to the ribbed shank. The ribbed tube threaded inserts are regarded as a friction fit finish, this means they are more difficult to remove compared to the smooth body shanks.


Threaded Tube Inserts - Steel Single Spring. 

Steel Threaded Spring Tube Inserts are typically consist of a zinc plated steel platform, and heat-treated steel spring retaining clip assembled on each end of a threaded female steel nut. Available in either a square or round shape they are available in a range of diameters and threaded size to suit.

Steel Threaded Closure

Threaded Tube Connectors - Steel Double Spring.

Threaded Tube Connectors for square or round tubes are specially designed to eliminate welding when connecting tubes together. We supply this component in different  outside diameters and thread size. Made from a high quality spring steel, which helps to promote a long-lasting and heavy duty solution. Round tube connectors are unique in the sense that they allow for the barbs to expand once inside of the desired application, providing a secure and tight fitting that massively overpowers the strength of our standard plastic threaded inserts.

Tee Nuts Threaded Inserts for Timber, Ply etc.

Tee Nut Inserts are also an option for creating a thread for adjustable levelling feet. These pronged Tee Nuts provide a strong, reliable anchor for timber, ply and plastic. They are inserted into a pre-drilled hole and tapped into place. They are flush-fitting, so no counter boring is required and a self-locking feature prevents rotation.

Tee Nut

Levelling Feet & Threaded Tube Inserts Summary.

Levelling feet and associated threaded tube inserts ot threaded tube ends are great at levelling and stabilising a wide range of machinery, appliances and furniture with a height adjustment feature that provides flexibility when dealing with uneven floors. There is a comprehensive range of types, styles and sizes to select, that means there is bound to be an option that will suit your application. Here at Aerobolt, we supply a wide range of furniture hardware components including caps & closures, end caps, control knobs, saddles and and so much more. We are the furniture hardware specialist with the entire Maumac Distributors product range. For all your furniture hardware needs, simply contact us.  

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