Huck Bolts VS Welding

Huck Bolt V Welding. Understanding the benefits of Huck Bolts Over Welding.

Comparing Huck Bolts to Welding. 

Vibration-resistant Huck® Bolts provide a safe secure fastening solution that is gaining recognition as a great alternative to welding in demanding load-bearing applications. Heavy-duty equipment manufacturers and structural fabricators would engage welders in the mistaken belief this was the only way to ensure the intergrity of a joint. Now there is an economical choice with direct-tension swaged Huck® Bolts. In many instances Huck® Bolts are the superior hassle-free option to welding without any of its draw backs. Huck® bolt are an engineered fastener that has proven itself in demanding applications such as truck body fabrication, truck trailers, railroad tracks, railroad crossings, defence vehicles and so much more.

In today's blog, we will reviewing how Huck fasteners are better than welding with a range of benefits listed below. What is a Huck Bolt? Huck® Bolts are a pin & collar fastener combo that are available in a wide range of diameter sizes in both steel and aluminium. These advanced engineered fasteners are installed using a direct tension technique with a Huck gun, this means the pin is pulled up whilst the collar is simultaneously swaged into the locking grooves of the pin, deforming the collar into the grooves. See How Huck® Works Here. This simple unique direct tension installation means that the HuckBolt delivers consistent clamp for a strong, stable, and vibration-resistant joint.

6 Key benefits of vibration-resistant Huck Bolts over welding. 



Welding is a potetially hazardous activity. Whether it's fires from a random sparks, unintended injuries, or spent rods littering the assembly floor; welding can interfere with worksite safety and so much more. 



Huck® Bolts are easy to install and require a minimal amount of training. The Huck system only requires a single trigger press to deliver high, consistent preload. No operator discretion or adjustment required.



A HuckBolt® can be installed in as little as 2 seconds due to the short time required to apply the tool to the pin and initiate the installation cycle. The quick & easy installation saves valuable assembly time.

Cost Savings


Huck Bolts don't require costly, certified labour to install. A quick visual inspection is all it takes to ensure a solid joint. Once installed, there are no ongoing maintenance costs.

Structural Integrity


Huck® is famous for a high-level of vibration-resistance, creating semi-permanent joints that will perform in extreme conditions for years to come without the issues of weld fatigue.

Structural Integrity


With a comprehensive range of both pin & collar Huck® bolts and structural rivets, there's bound to be a Huck fastener to suit your application. At Aerobolt®, we have a comprehensive range readily on our shelves. 


Problems with welding.   

Welding is time consuming, particularly in applications where in-depth inspection procedures are required. Welding also requires skills, often highly paid technicians who can be both difficult to find and to retain. The heat generated by welding can often reduce the strength of the metals being joined, and damage critical surface coatings. In addition, welding dissimilar metals or pieces of varying sizes can be a challenge. Welding also often requires an on-going process of inspection, with many of these procedures being both costly and time consuming. And as most companies who make extensive use of welding as part of their manufacturing or fabrication process have discovered, the removal and/or rework of a weld can be problematic. Also, welding is a dirty, dangerous process. Safety is a critical issue, since many fires have been started by a random spark created while welding. At the same time, spent rods and other remnants of the welding process are an ongoing housekeeping issue in workshops where welding is performed on a regular basis.

HuckBolt® – Eliminating the Effects of Vibration

In addition to providing faster, safer, and more accurate joining of pieces, there are several unique design elements of HuckBolts that also ensure their ultimate resistance to the effects of vibration. Compared to conventional nut and bolt installations, which can loosen in high-vibration environments, HuckBolts have proven to be impervious to the effect of vibration in a number of very demanding applications. The secret to this performance difference can be found in the unique HuckBolt design, in which the collar is fully swaged into the locking grooves of the pin.

In contrast, conventional nut and bolt fasteners leave a slight gap between the crest and root of the threads when installed. This gap becomes problematic when exposed to transverse vibration, and can allow for rapid loss of clamp.

Another key difference between HuckBolt® and conventional fastener installations is found in the structure of the threads of each of the fastening systems. Instead of the deep threads required to achieve a tolerance fit between conventional nuts and bolts, the HuckBolt pin requires only shallow locking grooves into which the collar is swaged. The shallow design of the locking grooves allows for a much larger pin root radius, which contributes significantly to the fatigue strength – up to 5 times that of a conventional nut and bolt. Overall, a HuckBolt lockbolt provides superior vibration resistance, as indicated by the study charted below

Huck® Structural Blind Rivets

For applications where only one side of the joint material is accessible, performance-engineered Huck® structural blind fasteners can often meet design requirements. These blind fasteners can deliver the shear and tensile strength to meet the demands of a number of heavy-duty applications. Available in diameters ranging from 4.8 mm (3/16) to 15.9 mm (3/4), these blind fasteners offer a combination of strength and vibration resistance, easy installation, and a high level of safe operation.

Huck Bolt V's Welding Summary.

Faster. Safer. Simpler & more cost-effective! That's Huck® and proven with several decades of flawless performance in trucking, rail, automotive, agriculture and many other industries. Find out why so many forward-thinking design engineers have made the switch from welding to HuckBolt® with the assistance of Aerobolt®.

It should be noted that HuckBolts and Huck structural blind riverts leave a protrusion, which may not be acceptable for some applications. However, there are many applications, where welding has been traditionally employed, in which these fasteners are a viable alternative. Engineered for easy installation, and long, reliable life, these direct-tension HuckBolts and structural blind fasteners can be a faster, more cost efficient, and safer alternative to traditional welding processes.

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