Credit Application

Company Details

Owner/Directors Names and Addresses

Bank Details

Trade References: (Please list 3 major suppliers and ensure all 3 tables are completely filled out)

Terms & Conditions:

By signing this application form:

I / We certify that the information supplied in this application is true and correct. I acknowledge that terms are strictly 30 days from end of month & warrant that payment will be made in full by that time. I understand that failure to pay in this period may result in credit terms being revoked.

If the account is placed in arrears all third party fees/costs that are required to retrieve the debt shall be an additional cost to the client. I / We acknowledge that the seller retains undisputed title over goods supplied until payment is made in full.

I / We agree to Aerobolt obtaining a credit report from a credit reporting agency and/or nominated trade references and / or nominated bank etc. We hereby agree to adhere to the Aerobolt trading and credit terms.