Far Tools Authorised Distributor

Far Rivet Guns & Far Nutsert Tools. Australia's Award-Winning Authorised Far® Distributor.

Aerobolt® is an official distributor of Far® rivet guns, Huck Bolt tools & Far® rivnut guns.  Australia's leading range of Far® power tools plus the know-how to assist with Huck® bolt and structural rivet applications. We receive factory direct prices and provide 12 month warranty on all tools sold via Aerobolt®. Our committment to Far® is backed by a comprehensive range of spare parts plus inhouse repair services with an award-winning level of customer service.

Trained to demonstrate and support the Far® range of rivet-tools and rivet nut guns, Aerobolt® will be your liaison point for communications with Far® during and after the warranty period on all products you purchased through us. 

Far Brand Logo. Rivet Gun & Rivnut Tools.

What does it mean to be an approved Far® Tools  Distributor?

Aerobolt® should meet certain benchmarks and are qualified to supply products, and services on behalf of the manufacturer. We have received extensive training and are always up to date with the latest products.

In short, being a Far® authorised distributor means the following:

We are authorised to sell genuine Far® brand products covering most tools associated with the installation of lock bolts, structural rivets, standard rivets,  rivnuts, rivet nuts and nutserts.   

Provide the highest level of customer service and product knowledge. We work with Far® to ensure you receive value in terms of the latest innovations, and aim for the right application solution.  

High standard of corporate, social, business, and environmental standards as Far®. Being a Far® Authorised Distributor means being Far®. The Italian rivet gun and rivnut tool experts, 100% made in Bologna (italy), since 1957. 

Far® Selected Tool Repair Centre. 

100% Far® Tool Service & Repairs.

Repairing your Far® tool is part of our 100% commitment in providing a total Far® solution. Aerobolt® is a select tool repair centre with a professional team that can service and repair tools from  Far® and others like Masterfix®, Pop®, Gesipa®, Avdel®, Lobster® and so much more.

Looking to fix or maintain your tools? Don't hesitate, submit your request with our Tool Repair Form.

As a leading provider of fastening tools we can help identify the nature of the problem and if a repair is required explain to you all your available options.

Whether you seek to follow the manufacturer's tool servicing schedule or rely on us upon an unexpected breakdown; you can be assured that our experienced technicians can help quickly and efficiently with all your power tool repairs. 

Seeking a Far® tool repair service and not from Sydney? There are a few tool repair facilities that might be closer to you. If you are from the Newcastle area contact Ovesco®. For Brisbane or Queensland, consider Profast®. Melbourne or Victoria contact Dafra®. For Auckland or New Zealand, reach out to Rivtec®.

About Aerobolt®.

Aerobolt is Australia's No 1 distributor of Huck bolts, structural rivets, nutserts, rivnuts, rivet nuts, standard rivets, adhesives and power tools, like nutsert tools and rivet guns, including some popular cordless options. An award winning specialist supplier of fastening setting tools such as rivet guns, and rivnut tools including the hire & repair of Far® tools.

Since 1993 we have been an Australian family owned and operated company with a broad selection of goods from several suppliers so you can be assured of brands you know and trust, technical known-how, unbiased advice, best value and most importantly finding the best solution for your application.

Aerobolt® is committed to providing a total supply solution – a one-stop shop from technical know-how, supply and tool hire through to the servicing of your tools. 

As a Far® tool distributor we guarantee:

  • Brands you know & trust.
  • Extensive product range.
  • Technical know-how.
  • Independent unbiased advice.
  • Best Value and so much more.

Far® Rivet Guns & Rivnut Tools. 

Wide range of Italian made fastening tools that include rivet guns & rivnut tools. Far® tools are quality production tools & here at Aerobolt we can offer a wide selection of tools to suit your application. Our Navy trained technician can service all Far® tools from Sydney.