Gesipa Rivet Guns & Rivets.

Cordless & Air Rivet Guns by Gesipa. Made in Germany!

Aerobolt has an extensive range of Gesipa® rivet guns, this includes both the PowerBird & AccuBird cordless range of guns. In addition to the Gesipa® cordless battery rivet guns, we offer the Taurus® range of air rivet guns. Founded in 1955 Gesipa® is a leading manufacturer of rivets and rivet guns with six production sites worldwide and 700 employees. 

PowerBird & AccuBird cordless battery rivet guns 

High quality PowerBird & AccuBird  cordless rivet guns are renowned for their reliability, featuring a DC brushless motor, long life batteries, low wear jaws, and so much more in a sturdy carry case with batteries, charger and nose tips. The latest cordless gun from Gesipa® the inventors of cordless technology. 

Cordless rivet gun key features 

  • Renowned low wear jaws system  
  • Brushless motor - they work harder & live longer
  • Non-sparking for safe working environments
  • Well balanced, toughened plastic body 
  • Comes with carry case, batteries and so much more

Taurus air rivet guns, high volume production tools. 

The Taurus range of tools are powerful, lightweight and virtually maintenance free. A high performance tool with endless features, including: speedy installations, vacuum mandrel collection, and a low wear jaws system that is powered by air rather than springs.

Taurus air rivet gun features.

  • High quality. Made in German. 
  • Speedy installations + low wear jaws 
  • Fast work cycle with a high setting force
  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Rubber molded grip handle & more

Offering practical solutions to the most challenging applications, Gesipa produces a wide range rivets, air rivet guns and cordless rivet tools. Here at Aerobolt we have access to their entire range, browse our site or contact us for technical know-how.

Gesipa® Rivet Tool Repairs and Warranty. 

Repairing most rivet guns is part of our commitment in providing a total tool solution, click here to see how we can help.

Gesipa® Bulb-Tite® rivets are the original tri-folding structural rivet with washer

A high performing rivet that differs from other types due to its propeller shape blind–side anchor and washer combo, providing a weatherproof joint with a large blind side bearing area for lightweight applications. 

The Bulb-Tite spreads the clamping force through the anchor blades whilst providing excellent pull through resistance, making them an ideal choice for numerous lightweight panel applications. This is an Olympic Gesipa rivet that is renowned for its extended material grip range, enabling a single rivet to cover a greater range of gauges including curved or uneven surfaces. Check out the Bulb-Tite range.