Huck Bolt Conversion Table.

Huck Bolt Diameter Conversion Table.

Converting Huck's imperial measurements to metric. 

Handy table that converts imperial to metric.   

3/16" =4.8mm.
1/4" =6.4mm.
5/16" =7.9mm.
3/8" =9.5mm.
1/2" =12.7mm.
5/8" =15.9mm.
3/4" =19.1mm. 
7/8" =22.2mm. 
1" =25.4mm. 
1-1/8" =28.6mm.



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Why is there a different measurement system?


The USA still use the imperial system for most of their manufacturering, so changing over is difficult. Australia adapted the metric system in the 1960's and is based on the meter for length and kilogram for mass, the metric system was first adopted in France in 1795. After the French Revolution, the government asked scientists to look into replacing thousands of different traditional measurement systems with one that could unify the country. The meter was developed by measuring one-ten-millionth of the quadrant of Earth’s circumference running from the North Pole to the equator, through Paris. The new unit, equal to about thirty-nine inches, was called a meter, and all measurements were based upon it.