Huck Rivet Magna-Lok® V's Avdel® Monobolt®.

Huck Rivet Magna-Lok vs. Avdel Monobolt

Difference between Huck rivet Magna-Lok® & Monobolt® rivet.

Monobolt® and Huck rivet Magna-Lok® are popular structural rivets because they are versatile with the material they hold, which makes them a multi-grip rivets. Multi-grip rivets means these fasteners are flexible with the materials depth. For instance, the 6.4 mm or (1/4") diameter  Huck Magna-Lok can hold a material thickness of between 2.0-16.0 mm. Likewise for Monobolt®, very similar material grip range or material depth 

These structural rivets look similar and both come in a range of material that includes steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. They also come in a range of diameters from 4.8 mm (3/16) to 9.5 mm (3/8) along with different head styles that include, dome, countersunk, and truss. 

What is the key difference between Monobolt® and Huck rivet Magna-Lok®?

Most can't see the key difference because it's actually their longevity. The Magna-Lok® rivet has been thoroughly lab tested against the Monobolt® and has outlasted them by almost 20 to 1. Huck structural rivet Magna-Lok®  lasted 2 million cycles whilst the other lasted 100,000.

Another takeaway difference is Magna-Lok® does NOT require a special nose piece tip to be installed correctly, unlike the Monobolt® which REQUIRES a special nose tip. Huck’s locking mechanism has been engineered into the rivet to eliminate tooling and operator error.

What are the other differences between Monobolt® and Magna-Lok®?

Other than their longevity, and the special nose tip requirement, there is another obvious physical difference with the rivets themselves. The body end of the Magna-Lok® curves inwards whilst the end of the Monobolt® flares out. The image below indicates the key differences between Magna-Lok® and Monobolt®.   

Monobolt Vs. Magna-Lok

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