LockBolt Panelok

Low profile bolt and barrel nut for truck doors. 

Engineered to have a low profile on both sides of the door, Paneloks are an innovative bolt & barrel nut combo. Featuring a distinct long internal threaded nut, a seal under the bolt's head along with an adhesive patch on the thread that helps ensure a weatherproof joint.

Easy to install fastening combo via a Torx T55 drive bit that helps make it tamper proof, the Panelok has taken the worry out of is designed to be removable and reusable and provide a neat appearance when used to attach components like hinges, latches and more to truck doors. 

Bolt and barrel nut combo that is engineered to have a low profile head on both sides of the joint, Paneloks are predominately used on truck doors and have a moisture proof seal under the bolt head along with adhesive patch on the thread that locks the fastener into place. An easy to install assembly via a Torx T55 drive bit, also known as Camtainers.   

Panelok Fastener Features

  • Large low profile for an even pressure clamp down.
  • Unique bolt head undercut allows for weatherproof “o-ring” 
  • Scotch grip patch on bolt's thread for better grip
  • Vibration & tamper resistant assembly

Paneloks Fastener Assembly Applications

  • Truck door hardware
  • Refrigerated truck bodies 
  • Ideal for plastic, fiberglass etc

Panelok Recommended Drill Hole: 11.0mm

Panelok Strength: Shear 14kN, Tensile strength 20kN