Nose Assembly Know-How: How they interact with your Huck Gun

What is a nose assemby? 

A nose assembly is the prerequisite attachment that installs either Huck bolts or structural rivets, in essence the link between the Huck gun and the fastener. Without a nose assembly you will not be able to install a Huck fastener via a Huck gun.

Huck guns and their interchangeable nose assemblies provides the versatility to install either a one-piece structural rivet or a two-piece pin & collar Huck bolt. It is important to understand nose assemblies and to coordinate the tool with the nose to the correct fastener type and size. At Aerobolt, we can assist with selecting nose assemblies, here is an overview of the more popular options. 

Huck Nose Assemblies
Fastener Type Diameter Nose Assembly Product Code
Structural Rivets 4.8 mm (3/16”) 99-06HRVT
6.4mm (1/4") 99-08HRVT
7.9mm (5/16") 99-10HRVT
9.5 mm (3/8”) 99-12HRVT
Huck Bolts "MG" 4.8 mm (3/16”) 99-06HBLT
6.4mm (1/4") 99-08HBLT
7.9mm (5/16") 99-10HBLT
9.5 mm (3/8”) 99-12HBLT

Huck Nose Assembly Maintenance.

Keeping your nose assembly in good operating condition requires a couple of key tasks:

  1. Keep nose assembly tight on tool piston.
  2. Clean jaws on a regular basis by removing metal shards from the jaws. 

Typical Huck Nose Assembly Cross Section.

Typical Huck Nose Assembly Diagram