Rivet Nut IN9408 VS Nutsert Xtralok

Compare the pair. Rivet Nut IN9408 VS Nutsert Xtralok®.  

When it comes to rivet nut selection, you will find Nutsert Xrtalok® is more generous with its material grip range compared to the other option. For instance when looking at the M6 rivet nut option (INST-0610-42 & IN9408-0630), the Xtralok® has a material grip depth of 0.7 - 4.2 mm whilst the IN9408 is 0.5 - 3.00mm. The Xtralok® has almost 50% greater material depth flexibility than the alternative. WOW! The Xtralok® range is the superior option.

This means; less inventory resulting in the saving of time and money. 

Looking futher a field to the the next higher grip range option of the M6 steel series (INST-0610-66 & IN9408-0650) you will find the Xtralok® has a grip range of 4.2- 6.6 mm, whilst the rivet nut IN9408 is at 3.00- 5.00 mm. The Xtralok® is the more versatile rivet nut when consideing material grip range.    

The same applies when comparing the two different M6 Eurosert® rivet nut series. The 09418-72621 and the 09418-72623 have limited material grip range compared to the Xtralok® series. 

Head style is also an imprortant consideraton with the Xtralok® having a thin wide flange for an almost flush finish, whilst the alternative has a THICK flange. This means when using the Xtralok® nutsert the bolt's head will be closer to the parent material compared to the rivet nut IN9408 series. When it comes to heads styles the Aerobolt® range is not as thick as some.   

Rivet Nut IN9408 VS Nutsert Xtralok®