SRLB battery lockbolt structural rivet tool

Cordless Huck Gun VS Gesipa PowerBird PG

Cordless Huck Gun for Huck Bolt Fasteners.

The cordless Huck® Makita® gun runs on battery power and provides incredible versatility, allowing you to install standard size Huck® Bolts and Huck® Rivets from practically anywhere. This makes the cordless Huck® Makita® gun ideal for projects or worksites that require some mobility. The Huck® Makita® Cordless gun is the ONLY cordless tool option that Huck® guarantee the installation values of their fasteners. By this we mean the fastener's shear and tensile values. Customers have enquired if alternatives tools like the Makita® rivet gun or the Gesipa® SRLB battery lockbolt structural rivet tool is endorsed by Huck®? I am afraid the short answer is "no".  

Save yourself time, money and hassles by using an approved Huck® Gun for Huck® fasteners. 

The Gesipa® PowerBird® PG is the base tool for the SRLB battery lockbolt structural rivet tool with aftermarket third party modifications that are NOT associated with Gesipa® or Huck®. The banner above indicates there are a couple of matters to consider before deciding which is the best option for the installation of Huck fasteners. Confused? Yes it can be! Contact us to discuss your requirements, we can assist with unbiased advice.