Well Nut (rub nut) - rubber/brass

Brands you know and trust - Aerobolt®

Well nuts are a rubber body threaded inserts. 

Well nuts are a rubber body threaded insert that consists of a large flange neoprene bushing with a captive brass nut embedded on the inside, ideal when seeking to isolate vibration or in lightweight non-load bearing applications or when seeking a removable nut. Check out the nutsert blog. 

Great when seeking a seal against air, moisture and vibration.  

Easy to install, no special tools required, just follow these simple steps. > place the well nut in a pre-drilled hole with the flange part on top of the mounted material and the straight body on the blind side. > As you tighten the component the body of the well nut compresses and bulges 360 degrees. >  the well nut has now created a lip on the blind side of the material and firmly interlocked itself onto the material. > Job well done :)   




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