Fair Dinkum Sale! 15% Off Selected Nutserts + Nutsert Tool!

Aerobolt is celebrating Australia Day with 15% Off* Nutsert Tool NT-0568 & Smooth Body Rivnuts

Smooth Body Rivnuts

Smooth Body Rivnuts are the small diameter lightweight option amongst the nutsert range. They provide an excellent captive nut solution in low torque applications such as thin steel sheeting and are ideal when seeking to drill a smaller hole or working close to the edge of the parent material.

Nutsert Tool NT-0568

The NT-0568 is the latest addition to Aerobolt's comprehensive range of nutsert guns. An entry level tool that can install nutserts from M5 to M8 in all material including stainless, ideal for dynamic production workshops that install a few select nutsert sizes.


Valid 27th January - 7th February 2021
Code word to receive the discount is: "FAIR15"
Condition: MOQ of 500pcs applied for Smooth Body Rivnuts.
Not applicable in conjunction with other special or promotions