Professional Rivet Gun Sale

Rivet Gun Sale 2023. Far brand rivet-tool sale.

Professional Rivet Gun Sale*

Genuine Far® Rivet-Tool Back To Work Sale - 10% Off

*4 Day Online Sale Only

Far® Air Rivet Gun RAC171

The RT-10171 is a heavy duty rivet gun suitable for high volume production workshops. This gun has numerous features to make your job easier and is ideal standard & structural rivet diameters 4.8 mm (3/16") and 6.4 mm (1/4’).

Far® Air Rivet Gun RAC182

The RT-10182 is a professional, compact tool that is ideal for high volume installation of rivet diameters up to 4.8mm (3/16”). It is well balanced, lightweight and features impressive setting force for consistant and faster installations.

Huck® Rivet Magna-Lok®

Magna-Lok® is a versatile structural rivet that is ideal for multiple material grip ranges. This high strength rivet features Huck’s unique 360° internal locking mechanism, providing high resistance to vibration & moisture.

Allok® Structural Rivets

Allok® structural rivets secure the material on both sides for greater security, providing a vibration and weather resistant joint. The non-protruding blind-side bulb spreads the load, whilst avoiding pull-through.

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