High Strength Rivets

Self-locking structural rivet offering clamping power & value.

High Strength Rivet  is a cross between a structural rivet and a standard pop rivet. This rivet has a compact blind side bulb that spreads the load whilst avoiding the material being deformed. A top performing vibration and weather resistant break-stem fastener that is ideal for steel to plastic or composites applications. Easy to install via a Huck gun or a structural rivet gun, as a standard rivet tool is not built to install structural rivets. The High Strength Rivet ticks many boxes including an economical alternative to traditional suppliers.

High Strength Rivet key features.

  • Large blind side bearing area against the rear sheet.
  • A structural rivet that interlocks with the material.
  • Provides a strong, vibration resistant joints.
  • Ideal for thin steel sheets & other lightweight material. 
  • A hybrid rivet option that represents excellent value.

High Strength Rivet Applications.

High strength rivets have 101 uses which make them suitable for various applications such as automotive manufacturing, aviation, electrical appliances & switchboards, Emergency vehicles, Farming equipment, HVAC (Heating, ventilation & air conditioning), Medical equipment, Military equipment & vehicles, Playground equipment, Sheet metal fabrication, Solar installations, Refrigeration, RV vehicles, Trucks & Trailers, Ute canopy bodies, Utility vehicles and so much more.  

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