Huck Bolt BobTail

Huck Bolt Bobtail

Huck's new lockbolt - BobTail. Advanced Lock Bolt Technology.

Engineered to meet the challenges of a wide range of assembly applications, BobTails offer safe, quiet, swaged-on installation technology in a unique, pintail-less design. The new Huck lockbolt BobTail offers 5 times the fatigue strength of a conventional nut & bolt, and unmatched installation speed - often under 2 seconds per fastener. Check out the Huck Bolt blog.

BobTail Huck Bolts Key Features.

  • Faster and easier installations in 2 seconds.
  • Ergonomically designed lightweight tooling
  • Vibration resistance & superior shear/tensile strength.
  • Quality control is easy with quick visual inspections.
  • Safe - no pintail. Silent operations & more.
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