Huck Bolt BobTail

BobTail. The latest generation Huck Bolt.  

BobTails have been engineered with no pintail, eliminating waste and maximising safety. Unlike conventional nuts and bolts with gaps on the tread when tighten, the BobTail ensures full steel to steel contact, delivering a secure connection that can be easily checked for quality control - clever hah!

Huck has also introduced a range of innovative quick and quite BobTail tools that reduces repetitive stress injuries

BobTail key features

  • Faster and easier installation & quality control 
  • Ergonomically designed lightweight Bobtail tooling
  • Vibration resistance & superior shear/tensile strength.
  • Safe (no pintail) and silent operations

Huck bolt Bobtail is the latest generation lock bolt offering total vibration resistance and pintail-less installations- how clever is that!

Huck BobTail Features:

  • Faster, cheaper and easier installation.
  • Ergonomically designed lightweight tooling
  • Quality control with visual inspection 
  • Vibration resistance & superior strength.    
  • Safe (no pintail) and silent operations

Huck Bolt Bobtail Applications:

  • Construction
  • Mining equipment
  • Bridge building
  • Quarry plant & machinery
  • Truck & trailer chassis