Huck Fastening System

Australian Fastening System Supplies

Huck fastening systems are designed to be vibration resistant solution for numerous industrial applications, providing a permanent, hassle free joint. Huck fastening tools are used to lock the Huck bolt or rivet into place making them tamper proof and extremely difficult to remove. Once installed Huck® fasteners are maintenance free and will never need to be replaced or tightened. How clever is that!

Huck Blind Rivet Fastening System. 

 Huck rivet fastener overview, see the classic Huck rivet with its extended grip range, the double locking Allok rivets and Bulb-tite the original tri-folding all aluminium structural rivet and so much more.      

Huck Bolt Fastening System

Huck bolt fastener at a glance see the original Huck bolt including the renowned large diameter C50LB that has defined Huck for over 50 years and so much more.   

Huck Fastening Tools & Guns 

Huck Fastening tools ensuring the right job every time