Huck Fastening System

Australian Huck Fastener Supply Co. 

Huck fastening systems are designed to be a vibration resistant solution and they are ideal for numerous industrial applications. Huck fastening systems provide a permanent, hassle free joint. Aerobolt is Australia's number 1 Huck fastener distributor supply company and can assist with all things Huck. When selecting a Huck fastener there are two main options, Huck blind structural rivets and Huck lock bolt. Huck also offers a range of installation guns and hydraulic power units to suit. Once installed Huck® fasteners are maintenance free and you will never need to replaced or tightened. How clever is Huck!


Huck Blind Rivet Fastening System. 

Huck Rivets

High performance Huck structural rivets are designed to provide a permanent, vibration resistance solution.

Huck structural rivets experts 100% beginning with the versatile Huck Magna-Lok rivet, the super strong Magna-Bulb rivets and Huck-Tite rivets which are ideal for lightweight applications. Huck structural rivets are ideal when seeking a strong vibration resistant solution & used in heavy duty applications such as the fabrication of utility vehicles, utes, trucks, trains, truck trailers & security fencing with a special structural rivet guns. Check out the blog.  

Magna-Lok. A high performance Huck structural rivet with an internal locking system for vibration & moisture resistance.

Huck Magna-Lok® is a versatile structural rivet that is ideal for multiple material grip ranges. This rivet has Huck’s unique internal locking mechanism which provides a high resistance to vibration & moisture.  

Magna-Lok® rivet has been lab. tested against their nearest competitor product and outlasted them by almost 20 to 1. Huck structural rivets lasted 2 million cycles whilst the other lasted 100,000. Fast and easy to install using a  Huck air or cordless gun or a structural rivet gun, as a standard rivet gun does not install structural rivets. When it's genuine Huck  you know it will help reduce inventory, cost & labour. Check out the structural rivet blog. 

Huck Rivet Magna-Lok key benefits. 

  • Installs into a range of material gauges due to its high grip range tolerance.  
  • Improved productivity with faster installations: rivets are placed in seconds.
  • High shear & tensile strength, making them ideal in critical applications.

Hucklok®. A blind fastener that is a wide material grip-range & double locking structural rivet for a secure hold.

The Hucklok® is a double locking rivet that is suitable for numerous lightweight applications with the bonus of being flexible with material grip range. Huck's unique design ensures multi grip capacity, along with a large bulb footprint that prevents pull through. The Huckloc® provides a consistent repeatable clamping strength with higher shear and tensile strength compared to Magna-Lok and Monobolt®. Fast and easy to install using a Huck gun or a structural rivet tool as a standard rivet gun is not suitable for the installation of structural rivets. Check out the structural rivet blog. 

 Huckloc Structural Rivet features.

  • Works with a range of material gauges due to its good grip range tolerance.  
  • High shear & tensile strength compared to Magna-Lok and Monobolt®. 
  • Vibration & weather resistant solution once installed they will never loosen.
  • Easy to use with minimal training, Huck guns & other structural rivet tools.  
  • Quick inspections are sufficient to ensure correct installations. 

Huck Lock Bolt Fastening System

Huck Bolts - How They Work

Huck bolts are a pin & collar combo that are permanently clamped together making them ideal in applications that require a vibration resistance solution. We have a thorough selection of hassle-free genuine Huck lock bolts including; Huck Bolt MGC50L, and Lock bolt Hucktainers, Check out the blog on the "Benefits of Huck Bolt".

Huck Bolt Magna-Grip is a vibration resistant solution with great clamping strength & appearance.

In applications where material gauges can vary, the Huck Bolt "Magna-Grip" with its flexible material grip range is the ideal lock bolt. Huck bolts are renowned for their superior vibration resistance and flush finish when installed. 

Huck bolt is a two-piece pin & collar combo used in the fabrication of truck, truck trailers, ute trays, ute canopy bodies, emergency vehicles and numerous other steel fabrication applications where a vibration resistance fastener is critical to the application. Huck bolts offer numerous benefits over other fastening methods including quick and easy installation, easy inspections, high-durability, and time savings. Check out the blog

Huck Bolt Key Benefits.   

•    Improved productivity with faster installations: Huck bolts are placed in seconds.
•    High shear and tensile strength, making them ideal in critical applications. 
•    Vibration & weather resistance solution: once swaged they will never loosen.  
•    Easy to use Huck guns that come in a choice of air or cordless tools.   
•    Installs into a range of material gauges due to its high grip range tolerance.  
•    Quick inspections are sufficient to ensure correct installations.

Huck bolt fastener at a glance see the original Huck bolt including the renowned large diameter C50LB that has defined Huck for over 50 years and so much more.   

Huck Fastening Tools & Guns 

Huck Guns for the installation of Huck Bolts & Structural Rivets.
Huck Guns technicians 100%. Australia's #1 authorised distributor of aircordless & hydraulic guns. Complete range of Huck bolt guns & hydraulic units, we have the technical know how to ensure the right selection.

Huck gun for Huck bolts & Structural rivets 4.8 & 6.4 mm (3/16 & 1/4).

The HG-10224 is the workhorse of Huck guns, this solid aluminium alloy tool makes this a versatile tools that can install both Huck Bolts and Structural rivets with the simple change over of a nose assembly (priced separately).

The HG-10224 is suitable for both truck fabrication workshops and smash repair operations. Built tough to stand up to the most rigorous working conditions. 

Huck gun features

Huck Fastening tools ensuring the right job every time