Huck Gun 10224 

Huck LH224. High Quality Gun For Huck bolts & Huck Rivets  

The LH224 is the workhorse of Huck guns, this easy to use solid die cast aluminium pneudraulic tool is most dependable! Huck LH224 is a versatile gun capable of installing both Huck bolts (pin & collar combo) and Huck rivets.


The Huck® LH224 is designed for both high speed production workshops and smash repair facilities. See the entire Huck gun range including the Huck LH224.

Download the LH224 operating manual and spare parts list.

Huck LH224 Tool Installs: 

  •  3/16'Huck bolts and Huck Rivets
  •  1/4'Huck bolts and Huck Rivets

Huck LH224 Rivet & Bolt Installations 

  • Huck Rivet
  • Huck bolt
  • Allok Rivet

Huck LH224 Features

  • One trigger installation
  • Light weight, die cast aluminium body
  • Soft set installations
  • And so much more

Huck Tool LH224 Quick Specs

  • Production & repair use
  • Weight 2.8 kg
  • Stroke 21.0 mm
  • Pull Capacity 19 kN 
  • Air pressure 6.21-6.9 bar (90-100 psi)