Nutsert Xtralok - Stainless Steel (316) - Knurled Body - Open End

Brands you know and trust - Xtralok®

Nutsert xtralok stainless steel for a firm hold on material.

An innovative expansion nut that can provide a load bearing thread onto a steel sheet surface for bolting purposes, where a simple hole opening is unsuitable. Our high precision stainless steel “Xtralok Nutserts” feature a wide thick flange for a firm hold. Ideal for punched or drilled holes they can be installed using a manual, air or cordless nutsert tool, either before or after finish coat is applied. Fast & easy to use nutserts, check out the blog for more information.

Nutsert key benefits.

  • One side assembly for fast installations as access to the rear is not required.
  • Forming a permanent thread for the attachment of a bolt/screw.
  • Easy installations with minimal training & readily available nutsert tools.




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