Open End Rivet - Stainless (A4 316 Body) / (A2 304 Mandrel) Dome

Brands you know and trust - Marson

Stainless Steel 316 Pop Rivet. 

These stainless steel Open-end rivets are popular as they install quickly and easily, producing a strong and reliable solution. The open-end rivets are ideal for numerous applications as they are a low-cost, tamper-proof fastener. They are available in a range of materials, including steel & aluminium, all steel, all aluminium, stainless & steel, all stainless-steel, and nickel & copper.

These rivets also have the widest range of different head styles; including dome head, large flange (truss) and countersunk. Dome is the standard head style, whereas large flange (or truss head) is a shallow broader head for riveting thin or soft materials such as rubber, plastic etc. Countersunk is ideal when seeking a clean flush finish. Check out the rivet blog.

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