Nutsert Guns: How to Choose and Use

Nutsert Tools - Which one should I buy?Which Nutsert Tool Is Best For Me?

There are hundreds nutsert tools on the market and selecting “the right one” can be confusing, especially when it comes to finding the perfect nutsert gun. We have compiled this blog to guide you in the purchase of the right nutsert tool, also known as a rivnut tools, rivnut guns or nut riveter. Here at Aerobolt, we have a wide range of professional nutsert tools that include brands such as Pop®, Far®, Masterfix® and Gesipa® plus a few alternative options that we have lab tested for quality and value. Today, we are going to review a select range of air, manual and cordless nutsert tools.

What are the main types of nutsert tools?  

There are 3 main nutsert tool categories: air, cordless and manual. Selecting the right tool depends on installation volume, your specific application, nutsert type,  material and size.

Air nutsert tools

For frequent nutsert installations in workshops, an air-powered nutsert tool is the easy choice. Air powered nutsert tools offer quick installation with consistent results. They are the fast & efficient option. Sometimes referred to as pneumatic or hydro-pneumatic nutserts tools, but to keep things simple we call them air nutsert tools. 


Easier to use and require less effort compared to the cordless & manual options, plus they are cheaper than cordless. Professional air nutsert tools have features such as automatic nutsert wind-on, as well as single-trigger operation for setting and spin-off. Note that a single-trigger operation does not necessarily mean it is faster.


These tools require an air compressor which may limit mobility.

Manual nutsert tools: 

For the occasional installation of nutserts, or where power is not available, manual nutsert tools are cost-effective and easy to use. There are numerous different types of hand nutsert tools, including the popular Masterfix® MFX612 (pic on the right) which comes in a handy aluminium case. Also the NT-AERO512, which features extendable handles to allow for greater torque, making them ideal when installing M10 & M12 stainless nutserts on a regular basis.This tool installs M5 nutserts as standard, unlike the Masterfix MFX612.   


The inexpensive option, easy to use and ideal for the handy person.


They require muscle power.

Cordless battery nutsert tools:

Cordless nutsert tools run on battery power and provide incredible versatility, allowing you to install nutserts from practically anywhere. This makes the cordless nutsert tool option ideal for projects or worksites that require mobility.


Mobility and speedy installations.


Expensive & not as powerful as air, batteries have limited charge.

How do I select the right nutsert tool?

Getting closer to determining the right nutsert tool model. Also consider the following; 

  • Nutsert type like the popular Nutsert 'Xtralok' or Plus Nuts etc.  
  • Nutsert material, not all nutsert guns will support all material metal types.
  • Nutsert size: Ensure the tool is compatible with your nutsert sizes.  
  • Setting force, a higher setting force will suit high volume installs because they have a quicker cycle. 
  • Stroke, a longer stroke means single trigger installations for the bigger grip range nutserts or Plus Nuts.

Other considerations before you shop include; weight, dimensions, cost, etc.  

Which are the best air nutsert tools?

There are several air nutsert tools, from medium to high production workshops, the Far® Tools or Masterfix® N10QI are both popular due to their simple  operation and fast cycle time. For low to medium production, Aerobolt's Nutsert Tool 742 is ideal. For low volume nutsert installations, the RC series tools are also popular due to price point and reliability, however they do not have the automatic wind-on feature.

Nutsert Tool Model Weight (Kg) Dims. L x H (mm) Force (kN) Stroke (mm) Capacity Price Approx.
NT-MFXN10QI also supports threaded studs.  2.3 275 x 270 29.8 9 M3-M12* $1950
NT-0742 2.2 250 x 280 19.1 7 M3-12 $1700
2.8 296 x 312 27.4 7.6 M4-M12 $3000
NT-0568 2.1 270 x 298 19.1 7 M5-M8 $1300
NT-EZM4000 1.65 260 x 270 18.5 7 M4-M8 $2000
NT-XTN20 1.6 275 x 270 17.6 7 M4-M8 $2600

Which are the best cordless nutsert tools?

Here at Huck Aerobolt, we have the latest battery-powered tools in the Gesipa® FireBird range, these professional German rivnut guns can effortlessly install a wide range of rivnut sizes.

Which are the best manual nutsert guns?

Though we supply hand-plier and long-lever type nutsert tools, we specialise in and recommend high-quality ratchet tools due to their flexibility and durability. The NT-MFX612 is a popular and world-renowned choice that comes in a durable aluminium carry case. If you are considering M12 in stainless, we recommend the NT-AERO512 due to its extendable handles that allow for a high-torque application.
Rivet Gun Model Weight (Kg) Dims. L x H (mm) Stroke (mm) Capacity Price Approx.
NT-MFX612 also supports threaded studs.  1.3 150 x 210 8 M6-M12 $410
NT-AERO512 1.3 177 x 219-317  7 M5-M12* $390
NT-MFX612-POP 1.3 157 x 210 8 M6-M12 $350
NT-MFX612-IMP 1.3 150 x 210 8 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 & 3/8 $410

How to use a nutsert tool

Here we provide a step-by-step process of how to use an air nutsert tool.

  1. Determine you have the right nutsert for the application. 
  2. Ensure the nutsert tool has the correct size mandrel and associated anvil.
  3. Next, align your material to be joined as desired and drill the hole for the nutsert. Note that recommended hole sizes vary for different nutserts, so be sure to check the data sheet for your selected nutsert.
  4. Load the nutsert onto the end of the tool so that the mandrel is protruding. This wind-on process may be automatic for air or battery-powered tools depending on the model.
  5. Insert the body of the nutsert all the way into the hole.
  6. Press the trigger until the nutsert is installed. Many air tools have automatic one-trigger setting and spin-off, but some require a two trigger operation.
  7. Now congratulate yourself. Job well done!

Frequently Asked Rivet Gun Questions

Do your power tools come with a 12-month warranty?

Yes, most of our nutsert tools come with a 12-month warranty. Note that some of our low-volume installation tools will have only 3 months warranty. We import tools from around the world and when there is an issue, we will resolve the matter quickly here in Australia.

Where can I get my nutsert tool serviced?

Repairing or servicing your nutsert tool is part of our 100% commitment in providing a total nutsert tool solution. Aerobolt’s professional team can service and or repair nutsert tools from Far®, Masterfix®, Pop®, Gesipa®, Avdel,® Lobster® & more. Please visit the tool service and repair page here.  

Do you hire nutsert tools?

Yes we do, we are Australia's #1 nutsert tool hire company with over 25 years experience in supplying to a wide range of markets. Aerobolt can offer flexibility with hire and provide daily, weekly, and monthly options. Please visit the tool hire page here.

Can you assist me in my nutsert tool selection?

We sure can, the Aerobolt team can assist with the selection by calling 02 9755 3747 or contacting us.  

Do you deliver tools throughout Australia?

Yes, we can deliver Australia wide through our network team of courier companies. In Sydney we offer same day delivery if you order before 10.00 am. Deliveries to major cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane including regional South-Eastern Australia are either next day delivery or 2 days turnaround.

Nutsert Tool Selection Summary

Nutsert tools are used in numerous manufacturing and construction sectors. Like rivets, nutserts or rivnuts are a most versatile fastener and come with a wide range of types for an endless list of applications. Today we covered  some of the best nutsert tools to install these fasteners because all the benefits associated with rivets mean very little if you are not using the right nutsert tool. Often the best nutsert tool is the one that can easily handle your nutsert installation volume. The nutsert tools we have outlined are a small sample of the extensive range available in Australia. There are many other very good nutsert tools from the likes of Pop®, Lobster®, Stanley® and so much more.

The Huck Aerobolt team have extensive information and expertise on nutsert tools. To discuss your requirements, contact our friendly team on 9755 3747 who are 100% technically minded and can assist with selecting the right nutsert tool (at the best price) to suit your application.