Threaded Round Tube Inserts.

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Threaded Round Tube Inserts. Round Body 782 Series.

These round threaded tube inserts are made from high-density nylon with a thread diameter of 7.9 mm (5/16"), and 9.5 mm (3/8"). Outside square measurements are 31.8 mm (1-1/4"), 38.1 mm (1-1/2"). Also known as tube inserts or threaded frame inserts, they allow for the insertion of adjustable levelling feet to be used in conjunction with a round tube, pipe, or box section. Featuring a smooth body shank for a press fit and once secure, prevent the levelling feet from wobbling or falling out of place. Check out the blog - Adjustable Levelling Feet Simplified.  

Threaded Round Tube Inserts Key Features.

Maumac® Components is part of Aerobolt's furniture hardware range.  




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