Structural Rivet Mono - Aluminium

Brands you know and trust - Aerobolt

Secure self-locking multi-grip all-aluminium structural rivet offering clamping power & value.

The Mono is a strong multi-grip rivet for heavy duty applications of varies depths with a single rivet type. An all-aluminium vibration & weather resistant rivet that is easy to install via a Huck gun or a structural rivet-tool. A monobolt type rivet without the hassles associated with special nose pieces. Mono comes from the Greek word monos, meaning alone. Mono structural pop rivet ticks many boxes including being an economical alternative to traditional brand suppliers.

Mono structural aluminium structural rivet key features.

  • A structural rivet that interlocks with the material.
  • Provides a strong, vibration & weather resistant joint.
  • This structural rivet represents excellent value.

Rivet Rite @ Aerobolt.




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